Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fla Dot Net Activities

Above, Sam Abraham setting up for his presentation. This was both challenging and delightful. Our normal presentation inside was double-booked by a political event. The 'Casa Maya' manager gracefully offered us the outside patio and full support at that location. This included tablecloths over his front window for a projector screen to replace the flat-screen TV that we would normally use inside. Also, we had just had our first rainstorm in several months, which gratefully paused a few hours for Sam's presentation. Here was the 'Menu'.

Deerfield Beach Coders Cafe - 03/01/2011 - NuGet for MVC and Microsoft WebMatrix - Sam Abraham - Software Developer

NuGet (formerly known as NuPack) is a free, open source developer focused package management system for the .NET platform intent on simplifying the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development. NuGet is a member of the ASP.NET Gallery in the Outercurve Foundation. In this session we will:
  • Discuss the concept, vision and goal behind NuGet
  • See NuGet in action within an ASP.Net MVC project
  • Look at the NuGet integration in Microsoft WebMatrix
  • Create a NuGet package for our demo library
  • Explore the NuGet Project site
  • Configure a NuGet package feed for a local network
  • Solicit attendees input and feedback on the tool
Sam Abraham is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS ASP.Net 3.5/4.0) He currently lives in South Florida where he leads the West Palm Beach .Net User Group ( and actively participates in various local .Net Community events as organizer and/or technical speaker. Sam currently serves as secretary of the South Florida Chapter of the International Association for Software Architects (IASA) and is a member of the INETA Speaker’s Bureau. He also serves as Director of Electronic Communications and as Mentoring Project Manager at the South Florida Chapter of the Project Management Institute ( Sam finds his passion in leveraging latest and greatest .Net Technologies along with proven Project Management practices and methodologies to produce high quality, cost-competitive software. Sam can be contacted through his blog:

Thanks to our friends at Consultis for sponsoring this event!

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