Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PBIT Meeting, 08 Nov 11

Due to some restrictions, there were limited photo's during this months meeting. I am going to use John Vighetto's comments here with minor editing:

"I wanted to thank Detective Carlos Cajigas as well as his fellow officers, Peter & Paul, for a really interesting and informative presentation. Having seen how files on a hard drive were altered/deleted and to be thought removed, and then to see how relatively easy it is to recover these files was impressive. To also see how easy it is to track down where a particular picture (in this example) was taken and then use Google Earth to zero in on the location was very interesting. I will definitely be turn off the geo-tagging on all my mobile devices!

Due to the sensitive nature of the presentation, video was not allowed.

I’m sure that everyone who attended enjoyed last night’s presentation based upon the questions and conversations afterwards.

Also want to always thank Lynne and Windstream for their support and generosity in allowing us to have our meetings at their facilities.

If anyone that was at the presentation last night did not receive the CD that Carlos handed out with the Raptor program, please contact me offline and I can provide you a link to download the ISO file. In this zipped file, it will also include a copy of the Casey Anthony report as well as Carlos’ contact information should you wish to contact him for additional questions.

As far as next month’s meeting, it was voted that instead of a regular meeting we would meet at a local restaurant to celebrate the holiday season. More on where and what to follow." - John Vighetto


Also noted is that Carlos Cajigas indicated that we could also consider him / his group (West Palm Beach Computer Forensics) as a professional resource. More contact information will become available later.

This was an incredably informative meeting for all. Thanks to everyone involved in doing this. A few more photo's are available HERE.

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