Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group 11 Feb 14, Windstream, West Palm Beach, Fl

PBIT meeting event, presented by Danielle Major and sponsored by Windstream - hostess, Jennifer Cohen-Louth.
Danielle presented on 'Remember the Ice' and how it's lessons can improve your business.
I have attended several of Danielle's presentations ('Road Shows') over the years.  They are usually concerned with Act and other CRM products of which she is extremely knowledgeable.  I observed very quickly that Danielle can always be depended on to deliver a powerful, entertaining and content-rich presentation.
During this presentation, I noticed immediately that something was very different.  It was polished, it was smooth and it was communicatively more penetrating.   It turns out that that was what the whole presentation was all about.  Based on Bob Nicoll's 'Remember the Ice', the Photo Essay with screen shots, following will show you a few of the principles involved.  There were also a few very enthusiastic readers of the book in the audience.
Further, If you are a Kindle user, the book will run you $9.99.  More information can be found at

See the Photo Essay HERE

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