Thursday, August 13, 2015

This month's presentation was by Adam Schwartz over Linux Desktop and Server Operating Systems.  Your current machine doesn't want to upgrade to Win 10?  Do not despair, it may run for years more on Linux.  You can also run Linux with Windows in a dual-boot or Virtual Machine status. Check out Group Leader John Vighetto's comments:

I want to thank Adam Schwartz for an excellent presentation on the Linux operating system. Adam briefly went through the history of Linux came to be, it’s components, many of the different variations/versions currently available, and went through partial installation in a virtual instance to show everyone how easy it actually is to install, setup and configure.

Due to the many questions asked and the enthusiasm of the people who attended, we will be planning a future Linux “load fest” where people can bring their laptops and either a blank CD to burn an ISO of a flavor of Linux or a USB flash drive to install a test version of Linux to boot from either the CD or flash drive. More of this to follow.

Thanks as always to Jennifer of Windstream for continuing to host our user group meetings, and from the sound of it (actually there was no sound but silence), everyone enjoyed the dinner from C.R.Chicks once again.

Thanks to everyone that attended, and to those who couldn’t attend but watch the presentation live on GoToMeeting.

If anyone in the group wishes to see a presentation on a specific topic, vendor, technology, etc., please contact me at your earliest convenience and I will try to get this lined up for one of our presentations as quickly as possible. Remember, this is not my group, it’s ours; but I need input from everyone for new topics.

Until next month, hoping everyone has a great time, make a lot of money, work smarter not harder, but most of all, have fun in what you do!

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.
Thanks to John, Jennifer and Adam for an awesome evening. I had no idea how much information is out there and Adam showed how it can be compatible with any other operating system plus all the options to get this content. While the "load test" is beyond my skill set and knowledge base, it's important for me to understand what my clients and prospects are working with or considering.

Thanks to this group, many years ago I knew what a thin client was way before some of my co-workers. :)

Your Ultra All-Inclusive Telecom Problem Solver,

Lynne Keane
Keane Telecom Solutions, Inc.

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