Thursday, November 1, 2018

IOT Café 2018-10-30 - Cendyn Boca - AirMon - An IOT Journey - Dave Noderer

From Dave Noderer:

I have been building an IOT device "AirMon" and will share what I've done, the tools I have used, how the decisions were made and what future refinements I want to make.

Dave Noderer is the CEO / President and founder of Computer Ways, Inc., a software development company, COO of Nedd Tech Inc., focused on Augmented Reality, a Microsoft MVP and developer community activist. Mr. Noderer is an Electrical Engineer by training and has been doing software development since founding Computer Ways, Inc. In 1994.

Dave is very active in .net User Group communities. He spent 3 years as an officer and director of INETA (International .NET Association) where he oversaw the enrollment and support of hundreds of user groups worldwide. He and others founded Florida .NET User groups in 2001 and has been holding software developer meetups in South Florida ever since. 

This was a very active 'Audience Participation' event.  Check out the PHOTO ESSAY HERE.


General Information:

At a recent event, we discussed getting slide sets and other information from Fladotnet presentations.  First options should always be:

Other tools used in managing MS Windows and simple graphics are:

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What's new in Mixed Reality - Dwight Goins

Here's the 'Invite'.

Coders Café What's new in Mixed Reality - Dwight Goins

Hosted by Dave N.  From FlaDotNet
Coders Café What's new in Mixed Reality - Dwight Goins
The Mixed reality industry has seen multiple advances in hardware and software over the last year, so let's talk about them and determine what it means for Microsoft mixed reality developers. In this talk we'll discuss the new headsets from Magic Leap, and Facebook, how you develop against them, as well as when new features, frameworks and upcoming devices on the horizon from Microsoft. Some demos on new HoloLens samples, and the Magic Leap emulator will be shown.

Speakers: Dwight Goins is a Solution Architect for South East Toyota Finances (SETF) by day where he designs cloud-based financial solutions. In his nightlife, he is the Chief Algorithm Officer (CAO) of NEDD Tech where leads a team of developers creating augmented reality experiences. If that isn’t enough he tirelessly contributes to open source projects, as well as a maintains an updated InfoSec Certified Ethical Hacker Intructor license with InfoSec Institute. He maintains an active MVP honor as well as a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) license. In his spare time, he finds a way to take care of his 3 beloved daughters, wife, and extended family by constantly keeping them entertained through traveling, family fun and ancient African ceremonies. To Talk to Dwight the Solution Architect at JM Family (SETF) you can reach him at [masked].

To talk with Dwight the CAO you can reach him at [masked] To talk with Dwight the Mystic African Provider you can contact [masked]

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Coders Café PowerShell Core Cloud VM with Azure Resource Manager Max Trinidad - Sapien

Coders Café PowerShell Core Cloud VM with Azure Resource Manager Max Trinidad - Sapien
Hosted by Dave Noderer, FlaDotNet
Tuesday, 21 Aug 18, 18:30 - 21:00, Cendyne Spaces, Boca Raton, Fl.


In this session, we are taking a look at building a virtual machine in cloud using PowerShell Core and Azure Resource Manager commands in Linux. This demo will cover from the ground up to create a VM as the Azure documentation was incomplete, and there are some pitfall to avoid before you start creating scripts. It's important to understand and start using Azure Resource Manager (AzureRM).


Max Trinidad joined SAPIENS Technologies as their Technology Evangelist for their line of products. Involved with scripting autmation on SQL Server, & MS Cloud Technologies. Microsoft MVP (PowerShell) since 2009, MVP SAPIEN Technologies, & IDERA ACE 2017. Active Florida speaker: SQLSaturday, IT Pro & .NET Code camps.

Friday, July 27, 2018

IOT Café 2018-07-24 - Cendyn Boca - Introduction to IoT using Azure - John Wang

Ever wondered on what is the buzz about Internet of Things (IoT)? and interested in making your own? We will take an look on what is Internet of Things (IoT), the impact of IoT to the world, industries that IoT can disrupt and then, we will jump into getting our IoT data into Azure with Azure IoT Hub. Note: John will be joining us remotely from Tampa.

John Wang is a Back-end .NET Developer. Currently, his interests are IoT, big compute, services, cloud computing, Powershell and SQL topics. He is an frequent speaker at the various Code Camp, Meetup, IT Pro Camp and SQL Saturday. Also, he is part of TampaCC leadership team. 

Again, a really great event with a lot of audience interaction and participation.  Click here to see the PHOTO ESSAY.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Coders Café - 2018-07-17 - Cendyn Spaces Boca - Serverless Computing - Cecil Phillip - Microsoft

Coders Café - 2018-07-17 - Cendyn Spaces Boca - Serverless Computing - Cecil Phillip - Microsoft

Today, it's hard to have a conversation about the cloud without talking about serverless computing. Like any new shinny tool, you might be wondering what you can do with it or where it a good place to use it. In this talk, we'll get an overview of serverless and the types of scenarios it enables. We'll take a look at Azure Functions and see some demos of how quickly we can get started building serverless solutions. Some topics we'll discuss include triggers, services integrations and monitoring. In addition to that, we'll dive into the Durable Functions feature for creating stateful workflows.

Cecil Phillip is a software developer with almost a decade of experience with creating enterprise grade software solutions. Over his career, he has specialized in creating solutions using web technologies, .NET and Microsoft Azure. He has a passion for software architecture, testing and API design. Today, he's employed by Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate where he helps guide developers on moving their applications to the cloud.

Special thanks to our sponsor Centric Consulting:

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Coders Café - 2018-06-19 - Cendyn Spaces Boca - Understanding the real value of Open Source with nopCommerce - John Baluka Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Understanding the real value of Open Source with nopCommerce - John Baluka

Understanding the real value of Open Source with nopCommerce - John Baluka


Open Source. Developers hear about it a lot. What should you really look for and why?

John Baluka choose to study nopCommerce, which has led to some amazing opportunities. nopCommerce has a familiar architecture, a plug-in model, and an active community. This is a fast paced walk-through of the nopCommerce architecture and source code. More importantly, you will discover the many ways to get involved with nopCommerce, or any other open source software, to better your career and life.

John Baluka has been developing software with the Microsoft stack for 20+ years. For most of the last 10 years, John has been a sub-contractor, business owner, and a Dad. John enjoys researching and applying new technologies to real world examples.

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