Thursday, June 16, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 14 June 2016

A few words from our Group Leader and a few other attendees:
We had a great turnout of members; thanks to all of you who could make it out!

Danielle went into great detail on the social engineering part of the physical penetration test, and she had everyone amazed at how some of this is so easy to obtain. As in previous presentations, Danielle was able to keep everyone’s attention and was fielding numerous questions regarding her presentation. The final part (lock picking) was very entertaining and enjoyed by all.

Thank you once again Danielle for the awesome presentation, and thank you for offering a more in depth (or “part two”) of your presentation which will dive deeper into the social engineering realm. Looking forward to that presentation too!

As always, thank you Jennifer Cohen-Louth for hosting our meetings at Windstream Communications. I also want to thank our newest member who stopped in, Reggie Pierre, who is a student but also a OSINT seeker, and who will be assisting Danielle in her next presentation in a few months.

John Vighetto
(Group Leader)

Awesome presentation and I'm sorry for those who missed out! Danielle was awesome and having Reggie as her wing man was great. I hope he has other classes when we meet that he can skip out on. :)

Your Ultra All-Inclusive Telecom Problem Solver,

Lynne Keane
Keane Telecom Solutions, Inc.
 Thank you guys for letting me ramble on about my passion...  You guys had some terrific questions!
Since we had some 'Technical Challenges' (i'm blaming it on Windows) - we didn't get to do the fun stuff - the actual searches.  :(
We did find that Camilla is downright DANGEROUS as she took to the lock picking like she's been doing it for years..  she picked all but one lock and I think Pat (??) was the only one to finally get that one open.
Everyone did very well with the lock picking and I hope that some of you will grab your own practice set and practice on your own.

I did promise to share my link-sheet with everyone but if you guys are interested, I'd be happy to do a follow-up session via GotoMeeting - where everyone is in their respective space and I have a good connection - and I'd love to show you some of the links and some of the fun stuff!
That way you can see how some of them fit together and if you have multiple monitors (or vm) you can do your own searches...  kind of a Hands On Workshop of sorts.
Anyway...  Just a thought...

Reggie and I look forward to putting together the next Talk where we can pop some real boxes and show a couple of live exploits.

Thank you all for your time... AND YOUR PATIENCE - and your Enthusiasm!!!
As usual, the MAM was a lot of fun as well!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Danielle Major
Human Hacker (in training)
Sport-Pick Enthusiast
Danielle, you did great! Thanks a bunch, Kip

It was a very enlightening presentation and who knew I had mad skills????? We couldn't have experienced the lock picking in an online meeting - so thank you, Danielle for making the long trek! And Reggie, too! I got in trouble for being so late, I guess I am becoming quite the hooligan ! Or maybe using an archaic word for it proves otherwise.....
Thanks all!!!

Camilla WorbyCamilla's Computer Solutions
A few more details, check out the Photo Essay to see what you missed!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 08 June 2016

Event Hosted by & Located at:

Octagon Technology Staffing @Axis.Riverhouse building on 333 Las Olas Way, Suite CU3, in the Axis Space

If you haven’t heard by now, Microsoft Hololens is a device that let’s you see holograms. This is an industry game changer. Come see what the device is, and learn how you develop with it using Unity and .Net. Also learn about what the device can do for you and your business. 

This was an extremely productive and inter-active event with all participants.  Kudos to all of the Event Staff, introduced on the first page of the Photo Essay, link below.

So, how did everything fly with this event?  Check the PHOTO ESSAY to see more.