Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group Annual Holiday Party!

(John Vighetto)  I want to thank everyone who showed up tonight, and it was great meeting Adam's wife, Andrea, and Ratzil's wife, Karen. Hopefully, we weren't too boring for you ladies!

This year's Grab My Package was a big hit, and I'm pretty sure that everyone got exactly what they wanted (or picked). We'll know for sure one Dave Lord posts the pictures he took on his blog.

A special thanks to Valerie, the general manager of Roxy's, for allowing us to have our get together for the 4th year now, and also Jamie the bartender and Katrina our hostess. Our 50/50 this year was won by Richard Battin (doesn't he win every time he comes...?!), with the other half of money going to the Roxy staff as a small thank you for their help in making this a huge success!

Thank you to all that attended and hope you enjoyed yourselves; I know i did!

Until next year, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!
(Adam Swartz) 
Good time last night. Hope you guys all took a walk down Clematis Street to see the Sandi Land Christmas Tree (big pile of sand with lights..LOL)
(Greg Kirkpatrick)  Yes, it would be important to see this before the next hard rain.
(Ratzil Rodriguez)  John, thank you for putting this extraordinary party together and all other involved. We certainly had a great time!
(John Vighetto) 
If I'm not mistaken, the city has "treated" the sand for such weather conditions. 
 (Lynne Keane)
Agreed! It was a lot of fun J
(Sergio) John,Had a good time. Thanks for organizing not only the party but the monthly events. Kudos.
(Robert Oliva) 
We appriciate all the work you do for the group. The party was great. Fun times great food and drinks!
(Danielle Major)
John, you done an excellent job yet again!
Thank you very much for putting all of this together and for all that you do for the group!
It was fun seeing everyone.   Thanks for making the evening so much fun, y ' all! 

And, the pic's?  Oh Yeah, Photo Essay

Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 3rd Annual ITPalooza

2014 3rd Annual ITPalooza
Thursday, December 4, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)
NSU's Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences

Carl DeSantis Building
Davie, Fl 33314

Check out the Photo Essays on these links :

Presentation:  WordPress for Dummies II

See also:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Coders Café Deerfield Beach - 12/02/2014

Coders Café Deerfield Beach - 12/02/2014 - 6:30 PM - Casa Maya - Testing JavaScript with Jasmine - Jonas Stawski

Today’s Modern Web has changed the landscape on how we write, test, deploy, and maintain our web applications. More and more web apps depend on JavaScript than ever before and JavaScript is becoming a first class citizen in our day to day development on both the server and client. We will introduce the concept of Unit Testing and how to apply it to our JavaScript code using Jasmine, a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript Code. 

Jonas Stawski is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) with many years of experience building and architecting .NET applications. 

Check out the PHOTO ESSAY !

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Zero Downtime Migration - Palm Beach IT Users Group Meeting at and sponsored by: Windstream 7121 Fairway Drive, Suite 101 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418 11 November 2014

A few comments from our group organizer, John Vighetto:

I want to thank Manuel Palachuk for his presentation for Zero Downtime Migration. I’m positive that everyone had something to take away from this presentation.

And please don’t let me forget to thank our wonderful host (and vendor) Jennifer & Windstream Communications for allowing us to continue to have our meetings at this location.

For next month we will have our annual Christmas Party, and I have secured Roxy’s Pub on Clematis for our final get together for this year. More on that in future emails.

Thank you for all that attended, and I hope to see everyone next month. Have a great rest of the week!

Please see the Photo Essay for more content.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 14 Oct 14 - StorageCraft Presentation

A few of the comments from this presentation:

I want to thank everyone who made it out to the Storage Craft presentation last night. Kevin Uttich did a great job of explaining to the members who were not aware of all the features that Shadow Protect has to offer, as well as provide us with tips & tricks for the seasoned veterans that use it on a daily basis.

Although Kevin was bound by his company's NDA, he was able to talk about some of the new features that will be coming out this next quarter.

Thanks again Kevin for not only presenting, but for the food and beverage as well.

I also want to thank Jennifer Cohen-Louth and Windstream for continuing to host our user group meetings!

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc."
"Thanks for putting this very productive meeting together, as well as Kevin.
Thanks Jennifer for the support!

Ratzil Rodriguez | office: (561) 247-1504 | mobile: (561) 337-0935 | | skype: ratzil |"
 Thanks, Kevin, for a very productive and informative presentation!

Please see the photo essay HERE.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group 17 Sep 14 Southeastern College Advisory Board

On Wednesday, 17 Sep 14, the PBIT Pros supported the Southeastern College Information Technology Advisory Board's annual meeting.  A few spontaneous comments from attendees:

Just wanted to thank everyone in attendance at last nights advisory board meeting for all their input and suggestions as an ITNA student I found their knowledge to be very informative and helpful once again thanks  (Cedrick Adams, Student)
I just wanted to thank all who attended the Advisory Board for Southeastern College last night. As Cedrick stated, your input and experiences in the IT field provides invaluable real world knowledge to the students. My students have been buzzing about it all day!!
Thank you,
Robert Oliva
Information Technology Network Administration Program Coordinator

Cary Anderson

to Fla
Glad I could be there.
Its is always a pleasure to share experiences and knowledge in this kind of meeting. However, I have to point out that the vast majority of the information came from John which was really interesting and informative.

Thanks Robert and students at Southeast College for another great and productive meeting.

Ratzil Rodriguez | office: (561) 247-1504 | mobile: (561) 337-0935 | | skype: ratzil |
Hi Robert,

I think we all had a great time, and good topics were covered for your students. Thank you for the invite once again!

John Vighetto
All-in-all, a great event and opportunity for all. An interaction of students, trainers, staff and professionals working in the field.  Check out the Photo Essay HERE

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 09 Sep 14

Comments from the PBIT group organizer:
I want to thank Alex Raskin from Adtran for his informative and also entertaining presentation. There were parts of his wifi presentation that I was not aware that I should be doing, and his talk regarding their new line of routers and switches kept people asking questions.

Thank you Alex for dinner from Paneras, and let's not forgot Jennifer from Windstream for hosting our meetings.

Thanks to all that showed up, and I promise that the link for the webcast will go up sooner than what it did last night for the members who would like to view this online.

John Vighetto
Thanks Alex  for an excellent presentation, I was unaware of Adtran latest technology and products until last night.

Thanks John for the dedication to the group and Jennifer for the support!

Ratzil Rodriguez
I agree with thanks to Alex, John and Jen!

Developing Long Term Relationships through Successful Telecommunications...

Lynne Keane
SB Atlantic Communications
Yes, the Adtran wifi and switch information update was valuable.  Alex was knowledgeable and a very good presenter also.
Thanks to John and Jennifer.
Pat Patterson
Corporate Workflow Solutions 
Very interesting information! Impressed with wifi solutions that are now available.
The MAM was fun too!!

Thank you,
Robert Oliva
Information Technology Network Administration Program Coordinator
Southeastern College
Thank you to everyone that attended!
Jennifer Cohen-Louth
Senior Account Executive - Business Sales | Windstream
o: 561.684-3853| m: 561.236-5400 | f: 330.486-3765    
I felt that the enthusiastic feed back above expressed the tone of the presentation much better than I could, Thanks for a great evening, Alex!  Everyone, check out the photo essay, HERE.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 02 September 2014

Here is the bulletin for this event:
Bring your Windows 7/8/8.1 laptop to the next Coders Café and David Cobb will walk us through getting started with PowerShell.

We will get hands on with PowerShell and cover:

  • The basics of PowerShell syntax
  • The three commands that unlock all of PowerShell!
  • Amazingly useful cmdlets and scripts
  • Leveraging the.Net Framework
  • Where to go from here
This will be an interactive session, we should all walk away with some practical powershell skills. Demo scripts will be available online on OneDrive and a free USB key!

Technical Note: Windows 7 has PowerShell version 2 by default, but you can upgrade to PowerShell version 3 with the Windows Management Framework 3.0. This is recommended, but not required to learn and participate in the session, though some features and scripts may not be compatible with version 2.


David Cobb is a System Engineer for CheckAlt Payment Solutions, providers of automated and electronic check transaction processing since 2005. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, training people on SQL Server since 2002. David is also the principal consultant for Cobb Information Technologies, Inc, founded in 1996, providing technology consulting with a focus on SQL Server.
Coders Cafe - Deerfield Beach - 09-02-2014 - Hands on PowerShell - David Cobb

BRING YOUR LAPTOPS!! We are planning on having an interactive session where you will be able dive into powershell and try it for yourself!

If you are running windows 8 you already have Powershell 3. If you are on Window 7 and want to upgrade to Powershell 3 you will need to download the Windows Management Framework 3.0: This video goes through the upgrade process.

This was a greaat event experience.  Dave (Cobb) took us through loading Powershell and then running it in ISA / Administrator mode.  The basic functions and procedures followed.  Really a great way to get off the ground or smooth off some of the rough spots.

Check out the Photo Essay Here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group meeting, 12 Aug 14

Quoting from PBIT Grou Leader, John Vighetto:

I want to thank everyone who made it down to last night's meeting (and also to the people who were able to view the webcast). From what I've heard last night at the MAM (Meeting After the Meeting), everyone enjoyed the presentation quite a bit.

Many thanks to Shae Adams for his presentation, hosting the meeting, and providing the great food and drinks. Shae did a great job explaining what to look for on your website to drive more business to it, as well as what to look for to target the vertical market you're trying to reach.

Thanks also to Eyas Musallam for speaking to his client (Top Pro Media Group) to have them present to our group.

Once the member login area is completed, I will send a private email to the paid members to this area so that they can view/access the previously recorded meetings/presentations. We are currently working on this and hope to have it done very soon.
This presentation addressed marketing your business on Social Media (Google,Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc.).  Among the critical factors here, management, cost factors, measurement and effectiveness.  See the photo essay HERE  . 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 01 July 2014

From the Invite:

Bring your laptop! Topics include:
  • General Angular with .NET structuring and organization
  • Plumbing the Web API to your Angular
  • Authentication with Angular / API / and Owin
  • Real-time updating with SignalR and Angular models

Austin McDaniel is a Lead Software Architect at Phoenix Data Security.

Technology problem solver for the past decade. I've worked for a variety of markets from Federal to Fortune 100 to garage startup. Over the past 5 years, I've primarily been focused on developing large-scale JavaScript applications with a variety of backends including .NET technologies.


A really great presentation with a lot of useful information and tips from the inside.  Austin is very knowledgeable in this area.  Check out the slides / screen shots and a lot of social interaction HERE !

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 09 June 2014

Comments from PBIT Group co-ordinator, John Vighetto:

All I can say is what an education we received from last night’s presentation! Personally, I was surprised at some of the laws regarding ownership and rights of property/code. Mr. Alan Weisberg presented both a unique but entertaining topic, which had everyone asking questions every time he changed a slide in his presentation (ok, yes, I started a lot of the inquiries). Alan’s knowledge and explanation of certain copyright laws was extremely thorough, and he was happy to entertain the scenarios we presented to him.

I want to thank Alan Weisberg, John Christopher (sorry we missed you at the meeting, but we know you had items to tend to), Luis Garcia and Andy Rapacke for not only presenting last night, but hosting and providing our group with food and beverages as well. We sincerely appreciate the time you took out to create this presentation. Thank you once again.

I also want to thank the members who were able to make it out to this presentation. I know most of us got caught in traffic, but I’m sure that it was definitely worth your trip down to Christopher and Weisberg, PA’s firm.

Should anyone in the group wish to contact the firm to retain their services, please go to Hope everyone has a great rest of the month, and hope to see you at next month’s meeting!

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.
3965 Investment Lane
Suite A-9
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Mobile: 561.722.1514
Fax: 561. 828.2232

Please see Talking Points & Photo's HERE .

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Coders Café Report from Washington DC - Dave Noderer & Shervin Shakibi

In the picture… Marc Noderer, Dave Noderer, Maureen Homnick, Lois Frankel (Florida 22nd Congressional District), Joe Homnick, Shervin Shakibi.
Quoting from the invitation to this event:

" A few weeks ago, Dave and Shervin traveled to Washington DC as part of the annual ACT Flyin ( to talk to the house and senate about topics of interest to software developers everywhere.

The primary topics were Intellectual Property, Privacy and Piracy.
Intellectual property focused on the need for patent reform in a way that is fair to both large and small companies. Privacy affects all of us and especially app developers. There are many regulations and we all want to do the right thing but it is difficult for a small company to decipher and understand what is required. Piracy is important to app developers. If someone steals your mobile app bits and republishes, if they are in the USA it might be possible to catch and prosecute them, even for a small company. If that someone is in a forgeign country, especially for a small company, it turns into a trade issue and we need the support of our government to help.

Come and hear our stories and add your own at the next coders cafe.


Dave and Shervin have been doing software development for many years focused on Microsoft Technologies. Dave is a Microsoft MVP and Shervin is a Microsoft Regional Director."

See the Photo Essay for futher details.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 13 May 14

From our Group Organizer, John Vighetto:
It was great seeing everyone last night. We had a good turnout, and the presentation conducted by Matt Somach of Comcast very impressive and informative.

As Matt stated, it’s very important for him to qualify a candidate for VoiceEdge because it is not the right fit for everyone.

When you have a customer that is in need of repair or replacement of a traditional key system, please remember our member Lynne Keane.

Congratulations to everyone that won a prize last night.

I want to thank Matt Somach and Comcast for not only sponsoring our meeting last night, but for the presentation, the food and the beverages.
Please check out the Talking Points and photo's at the PHOTO ESSAY

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe, 6 May 14.

From the Invitation:
The Web technology and Web Development advance pretty quickly. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, two new JavaScript libraries will be created and another framework will get pushed to GitHub. Trust me. Go Check! In the .NET community, we've seen our fair share of web frameworks recently. Coincidentally, the authors of these frameworks found themselves essentially building the same components over for running web applications on different server hosts, i.e. IIS, XSP, and self-host. There was an obvious need for some common ground. Enter OWIN, a specification that defines a baseline interface for communication between web applications and web servers. In this talk we’ll explore the OWIN Specification, and what it means for the future of web development in .NET. We’ll also dive into some code and see how OWIN can be leveraged in your web projects today.


Cecil Phillip is a Software Developer from South Florida with many years of experience building applications on the .NET Framework. Throughout his career, his primary focus has been providing web and SOA based solutions for various markets. He also enjoys experimenting with different programming platforms such as Python, PowerShell, and Javascript. You can follow Cecil on Twitter via @cecilphillip.
This evenings presentation  was hosted by NCCI in Boca Raton, Fl.  Please check out the Photo Essay for further details.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group mtg, 8 Apr 14

Quoting from our Co-ordinator, John Vighetto:

"I want to thank everyone that took the time to come out last night and see where we will be meeting from now on.

We had a great tour of Windstream’s switch room, which was conducted by Matt Pinto and Randall Ives. Very impressive layout!

Ms. Emily Hoch gave a very informative presentation on Windstream’s hosted Exchange solution, Disaster Recovery module, and the Mimecast product that provides email continuity and unlimited archiving.

For the paid annual members, I will have a recorded session for future viewing on our website.

I want to also thank Jennifer for continuing to host our user group meetings, as well as for providing us dinner from TooJays.

Some of us had our traditional MAM (Meeting After the Meeting) at Hurricane Bar & Grill. All I’m going to say is that we ended up closing the place down last night!"

I was very impressed with Windstream's Switch Room (DC).  As a former 'NOC-Rat' , I am very familiar with this area.  Sorry, we were very appropriately not allowed to take pictures in there. 

Presenter, Emily Hoch was very professional & knowledgeable.  Her use of a slide deck was minimal and avoidance of Power Point was refreshing.  Folks, if you want the meat and potatoes, you just gotta be there!

As John had stated, our MAM closed down the Hurricane Bar & Grill so this was a very productive evening Great drawing also !  Thanks John.

Check out the Photo Essay HERE !

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coders Cafe - 04/01/2014 - 6:30 PM - Casa Maya, Deerfield Beach

Above, Presenter, Jason Milgram responding to questions from the audience.

"Coders Cafe - 04/01/2014 - 6:30 PM - Casa Maya, Deerfield Beach - How to Migrate your On-Premises Workloads to Windows Azure and Increase your Company's ROI - Jason Milgram -

Kick-start your enterprise cloud strategy today. Windows Azure provides on-demand infrastructure that scales and adapts to your changing business needs. Whether you are creating new applications or running existing applications we provide best-in-class price-performance and end-to-end support. --Learn how Windows Azure can support both legacy and state-of-the-art applications through flexible Infrastructure Services. --See how you can automate key IT tasks such as Deployment, Imaging, and Monitoring for your line of business applications. --Understand the value proposition and cost savings of on-demand, pay-as-you-go IT infrastructure based on Windows Azure."

Jason gave very enlightening  and sometimes humorous presentation on how to bring your clients out of the dark ages and into the Cloud with Windows Azure.  See the Photo Essay HERE

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 11 Mar 14

PBIT Pros met Tuesday evening, 11 March at Southeastern College, Greenacres Fl, 33413.  PBIT Pros provide Advisory Board support to the College and Program Director, Robert Oliva is a member of PBIT Pros.  This meeting was a review of the College's current program and suggestions as to further programs aspects in the coming year(s).  Robert provided a great meal and a very excellent presentation on the College's IT Program.  A lot of information was exchanged, involving the education program and what PBIT Pros was seeing in the field in the IT area.  Everyone felt that the meeting was very productive and useful.  Please click HERE to see the Photo Essay.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders Café 04 March 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders Café Project Sienna with Windows 8 & Azure - James Quick - Microsoft
03/04/2014 - 6:30 PM - Casa Maya - Deerfield Beach
Microsoft Project Siena (code name) is a new technology for business experts and other app imagineers. Now, without any programming, you can create apps that harness the power of corporate data and content, and web services for Windows 8. You will learn how to pull down dynamic data from an Azure database or Excel Spreadsheet, and load it directly into your Windows 8 app.

Building a Siena app is as easy as editing a PowerPoint or Excel document. You place some visuals on a canvas. You hook them up to your data. You customize how your app looks and works. Then, if you need special logic and intelligence, you write some Excel-like expressions. You can use your app immediately, or share it with colleagues or the world.

The best way to learn Siena is to visit, watch a tutorial video, download a sample app for inspiration, and then build your own.


James graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Spanish and Computer Science. Shortly after graduation, he joined Microsoft as the Technical Evangelist for South Florida. As a TE, he builds a critical mass of support for the Microsoft Platform. He promotes the use of Windows Phone and Windows 8 through talks, articles, blogging, user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations, or the creation of sample projects, and has worked with several different communities and school in doing so.


Above text from FlaDot.Net .  See the Photo Essay - Slide Shots & activities HERE.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

South Florida Code Camp, Nova University, Davie Fl, 22 Feb 14

What is Code Camp?Code Camp is a FREE one day GEEK FEST held on Saturday February 22, 2014 This is the ninth year for South Florida Code Camp. The event will have speakers from the local community and beyond. Speakers will be presenting some of the most requested topics like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, ASP.NET, Javascript, JQuery, Visual Studio 2012, MVC Framework, SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012.

1240 + Coders doing their Geek Thing.

This event is like Tech-Ed for Free but it's community driven by a group of dedicated volunteers and speakers. Breakfast and lunch is included!

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) -Main Campus Davie, Florida
Carl DeSantis Building, 3301 College Ave. Fort Lauderdale-Davie, FL 33314  07:30 ~ 17:45

After Party at Duffy's on University Drive !

See the Photo Essay HERE .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group 11 Feb 14, Windstream, West Palm Beach, Fl

PBIT meeting event, presented by Danielle Major and sponsored by Windstream - hostess, Jennifer Cohen-Louth.
Danielle presented on 'Remember the Ice' and how it's lessons can improve your business.
I have attended several of Danielle's presentations ('Road Shows') over the years.  They are usually concerned with Act and other CRM products of which she is extremely knowledgeable.  I observed very quickly that Danielle can always be depended on to deliver a powerful, entertaining and content-rich presentation.
During this presentation, I noticed immediately that something was very different.  It was polished, it was smooth and it was communicatively more penetrating.   It turns out that that was what the whole presentation was all about.  Based on Bob Nicoll's 'Remember the Ice', the Photo Essay with screen shots, following will show you a few of the principles involved.  There were also a few very enthusiastic readers of the book in the audience.
Further, If you are a Kindle user, the book will run you $9.99.  More information can be found at

See the Photo Essay HERE

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe, 4 Feb 14

Coders Cafe - 02/04/2014 6:30 PM - Casa Maya - Deerfield Beach - Design Powerful Grids for your Web Apps in Minutes with jQuery’s Free jqGrid Plugin - Sam Abraham

jqGrid is a free, open source, Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web.

Sam Abraham is a senior .NET software developer currently living in South Florida. Since his early days in software development, Sam has embarked on a quest to strengthen the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the latest web stack technologies while leveraging his strong background in project administration and business analysis to maximize the value and effectiveness of technology put to work for business. 

Check out the Photo Essay & screen shots HERE 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe, 07 Jan 2014

Coders Cafe - 01/07/2014 6:30 PM - Caffeine Spaces - Boca Bearings Case Study - Mark Turkel - Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.

Learn about an application Palm Beach Software Design wrote that involved Paypal Express Integration, Responsive Website in ASP.Net, and our complimentary Android app that works with .Net web services.

Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. was incorporated in 1989, with a great history of successful application development projects. We build apps and applications for web, desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows Phone. 

Check out the Photo Essay of this Event HERE !!