Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PBIT October Meeting with Tage Tatman,

A really great meeting and presentation to kick off the new season. Note that PBIT gatherings will be in the WindStream East location (by I-95) in the future. For those of you that did not read John Vighetto's summary, I will quote that here:
It was good to see some people who haven't been to the meetings in a while. Not sure if it was the topic or the now new location for the meetings; either way, the presentation was well done.

Thanks to Tage Tatman of for presenting last night. In addition to what was posted on the group website, we also found out that his company refurbishes Cisco, Juniper, and a few other major manufacturer's communication devices, as well as sell completely refurbished, fully certified legacy equipment (and his company covers the equipment for a full year). If people want, I can post Tage's contact info; just let me know.

As always, a special thanks to Lynne for allowing us to have our meetings at the Windstream office. By the way, they now has wireless available.

Although the meeting after the meeting only had a few people, the topics of conversations are always entertaining, and informative (we also found out that Duffy's has some additional specials, both food and drink, that are now available).

Please note that from now on, we are holding our meetings at Windstream's other office (the one we were at last night; with the wireless).

Happy "over the hump" day,
John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.
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You can see the photo's and screen shots HERE.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SuperComputing and Parallel Programing

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Deefield Beach Coders Cafe: Thinking in Parallel - Adnan Boz
10/04/2011 - 6:30 PM - Casa Maya Grill - Deerfield Beach Cove

Adnan gave us a very informative talk on his group and Parallelism in Supercomputing. There's a lot more to come here. Stay tuned and watch for meeting / 'meet-up' notices!

See pictures and screen shots: HERE