Wednesday, December 18, 2019

".NET Application Development with Modernizing Medicine - Al Kahler"

Details (by Dave Noderer)

Driven by the need to stay atop the medical-specialty software industry, Modernizing Medicine is embracing evolutionary changes in technology and process to improve delivery, maintainability, performance, and scale in their .NET-based solutions. This presentation will cover a summary of the .NET development environment at Modernizing Medicine, including our products and tech stack. In addition, we will explore the challenges of building and maintaining a massive and aging .NET application and also the changes being adopted at ModMed to better support the software development experience and ultimately customer experience too.

Al Kahler serves as the Director of Web Development at Modernizing Medicine. In this role, Al oversees software development across a distributed team that spans 4 continents, building both web and mobile products for the GI medical specialty.

Al has over 20 years of experience in software development and has been with ModMed for over 10 years now. Previously, Al was a full-stack developer working across a variety of industries, including medical, marketing, and e-commerce and has a degree from Jacksonville University.

When he’s not working with technology, Al can be found with his wife Tammy at a baseball or soccer field supporting their kids passion for sports.

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