Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Coders Café Civic Hacking for Florida’s Future Rob Davis, 20 Mar 18

Additional comments and data from This evening' DotNetFla Coder's Cafe Host, Damian Montero.
We'd like to thank all that attended today's amazing event by Rob Davis
He mentioned some amazing links that I'd figured I'd let you know about:
The  Pompano Beach Hackathon on April 14th.
Prizes & details can be found here:
Slides of today's event:
More details about Code for Fort Lauderdale are here:
and Rob's twitter account can be found here:
We want to thank Dave Noderer and South Florida's Code camp for the Pizza and drinks as always at today's event.
Damian Montero
PHOTO ESSAY of this evening's event.