Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Palm Beach IT Group meeting, 8 Jan 13

John Vighetto wrote a great summary of this meeting.  I quote it here:

I wanted to thank Blain Barton for presenting to the group on Windows 2012 as well as Hyper-V within Server 2012. In spite of the poor phone connection we had with Blain and the issue of not being able to connect via Microsoft's Lync service, I believe that everyone had a few informative things to take away from this presentation.

For anyone wanting to receive Blain's newsletter, just send him a blank email with the words "add me" in the subject line. His email is

For anyone interested in keeping up to date with new presentations in the area, check out the following link (

While Blain was presenting, I sent out a link for his blog. I the event that you missed that email, here it is once again (

I also want to thank Lynne Keane of Windstream Communications for always hosting our meetings. She has been hosting them for almost 7 years now. Thanks Lynne!

I will prepare a survey based upon the questions that I had regarding how to keep the interest within the group with regards to presenters and other topics. If use this post, please take some time to answer honestly, as it will show in which direction the group is to go in.

Thanks to all that came out. We saw a few familiar faces that we haven't seen in some time. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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Again, thanks to Blain, John & Lynne for making this meeting a great success.
Please see photo's & Screen Shots HERE .