Thursday, June 12, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 09 June 2014

Comments from PBIT Group co-ordinator, John Vighetto:

All I can say is what an education we received from last night’s presentation! Personally, I was surprised at some of the laws regarding ownership and rights of property/code. Mr. Alan Weisberg presented both a unique but entertaining topic, which had everyone asking questions every time he changed a slide in his presentation (ok, yes, I started a lot of the inquiries). Alan’s knowledge and explanation of certain copyright laws was extremely thorough, and he was happy to entertain the scenarios we presented to him.

I want to thank Alan Weisberg, John Christopher (sorry we missed you at the meeting, but we know you had items to tend to), Luis Garcia and Andy Rapacke for not only presenting last night, but hosting and providing our group with food and beverages as well. We sincerely appreciate the time you took out to create this presentation. Thank you once again.

I also want to thank the members who were able to make it out to this presentation. I know most of us got caught in traffic, but I’m sure that it was definitely worth your trip down to Christopher and Weisberg, PA’s firm.

Should anyone in the group wish to contact the firm to retain their services, please go to Hope everyone has a great rest of the month, and hope to see you at next month’s meeting!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Coders Café Report from Washington DC - Dave Noderer & Shervin Shakibi

In the picture… Marc Noderer, Dave Noderer, Maureen Homnick, Lois Frankel (Florida 22nd Congressional District), Joe Homnick, Shervin Shakibi.
Quoting from the invitation to this event:

" A few weeks ago, Dave and Shervin traveled to Washington DC as part of the annual ACT Flyin ( to talk to the house and senate about topics of interest to software developers everywhere.

The primary topics were Intellectual Property, Privacy and Piracy.
Intellectual property focused on the need for patent reform in a way that is fair to both large and small companies. Privacy affects all of us and especially app developers. There are many regulations and we all want to do the right thing but it is difficult for a small company to decipher and understand what is required. Piracy is important to app developers. If someone steals your mobile app bits and republishes, if they are in the USA it might be possible to catch and prosecute them, even for a small company. If that someone is in a forgeign country, especially for a small company, it turns into a trade issue and we need the support of our government to help.

Come and hear our stories and add your own at the next coders cafe.


Dave and Shervin have been doing software development for many years focused on Microsoft Technologies. Dave is a Microsoft MVP and Shervin is a Microsoft Regional Director."

See the Photo Essay for futher details.