Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Palm Beach IT (PBIT) user group meeting, 9 Oct 12

This month's meeting of the Palm Beach IT  Users Group (PBIT) featured Greg Tammany of presenting on Search Engine Optimization.  Never forget the 'Peter Principle' .  'Cream rises until it sours'.  How do you get it to 'rise' in the first place, and then keep fresh stuff keep rising while whisking away the 'sour'?  That may be a lot of what Search Engine Optimization is about.  Check out the pic's and a few of the screen shots HERE

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Deerfield Beach Coder's Cafe - Oct, 2012

To quote the Invitation:
"Deerfield Beach Coders Cafe - Tuesday - 10/02/2012 - SQL 2012 and Powershell 3 for the bleeding edge SQL Developer - David Cobb

Will touch briefly on Powershell in prior SQL versions with SMO, and focus on the new Cmdlets in SQL 2012 for PowerShell 2.0 and Powershell 3.0 in pre-release. Presentation will include lots of demos!

David Cobb is a Director of Network Operations for Skyline’s DirectFed Corporation, a technology startup in Deerfield Beach, Florida, since 2005. David is a Microsoft Certified Trainer as well, training people on SQL Server for Homnick Systems in Boca Raton, Florida since 2002. He is also the principal consultant for Cobb Information Technologies, Inc, founded in 1996. They provide network administration, web application and database development services. "

Dave gave us a really great presentation.   Again I was reminded and impressed over the steadily increasing importance of the role of Power Shell in the past few years.  Check out the photo's HERE.