Thursday, December 15, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, Annual Winter Holiday Party, 13 Dec 16.

Palm Beach IT Professionals Annual Christmas Party, 13 December, 2016.

Opening words from our Group Moderator, John Vighetto:

For the benefit of everyone that did not show last night, I letting you know (officially, unofficially, etc.) that I’m stepping down as the group moderator for the group. I think it’s time that someone else steps up to provide the members with fresh new ideas, presenters, etc. Therefore, I will help whomever decides to charge for the next 60 days. My last day as group moderator will be March 1, 2017.

I want to thank everyone for putting up with me and my antics all these years as well as support the group and it’s endeavors. I’m excited to see who will rise to the challenge and look forward to keeping the group growing!
And, further comments from group members:

Danielle Major :  John,

My deepest gratitude for all that you've done for us over the years.  You've been a great Forum Master and you've gone above and beyond for this group.
I understand that you've got to close this chapter and move onto another - we all do.... but the fun thing is that we get to write our own ending!!!
I look forward to working with you on other projects - so go enjoy your family and your hobbies!! 
Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!!!!

2nd Danielle’s reply!


Todd Trahan
SERT Data Recovery


KIPBARKLEY via Florida IT Professionals

Dear John:
You have done great. Thank you for all your good work.
John, job well done.   You have nurtured the group and we have all benefited.
Thanks again.

Pat Patterson
Echoing the sentiments from all the others, you have carried the torch with class, enthusiasm, and no small amount of humor and wit.  You’re definitely leaving some big shoes to be filled.  May you be blessed as you have truly blessed us all.

Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CF5D32.ED5D0CC0
Russell Hopkinson    RH Technology Solutions, Inc.
John, Thank you for your excellent Leadership as Moderator of the Group. You've certainly left some big shoes to fill.  Thank you for all of it.
Dave Lord.
And at long last, the Christmas Party photo's !

David B. Moadab | Solutions Squad


Thank you for this group, and all your efforts.

Ratzil Rodriguez via 

Thank you for the commitment with the group and the leadership. You had done an extraordinary work!
to flait
As a new member, you helped me get involved quickly. I love the presentations and the information contained within the group. Thank you!

Harold Girdlestone 

to flait
Thanks for everything John! 
A well deserved "retirement".

Adam Schwartz

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In addition to everything that is accurately being said by others, I have to thank you for caring about the "far" ones like me and for the support and advice you provided to me. 

Pedro Hermida

Bret A. Bennett via 

Job well done John. Thanks for steering the boat for so many years.

to flait

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Boca Meetup, 6 Sep 16

Text from the Meet Up announcement:

Double Header: Developing for the Amazon Echo & Publish to CLOUD in 3sec or less

This month we bring you TWO presentations for the price of one
Developing for the Amazon Echo:
Have you ever wondered how to program for the Amazon's Echo? Our esteemed member Scott Katarincic will show us all we need to know to program your Echo to answer the questions only you can, and show up in the official marketplace. 

You'll learn how to create an Amazon Echo "Skill" (or Service) which you will then be able to list along with Uber's, and Amazon's own "Skills" on the official Amazon Echo Marketplace

1) Create Amazon Skill
2) ????????
3) Profit!

Publish to CLOUD in 3 sec or less
Damian Montero, will show us how, with ZERO SETUP and NO credit card, he'll get your site up on "the Cloud", ready for Olympic sized traffic, within 3 seconds.
BUT WAIT! There is MORE! Damian will also show us the differences between the "BIG THREE CLOUD PROVIDERS", what to watch out for, and what other options there are.
Whether you're a "Cloud Beginner" or "Cloud Expert" You'll walk away with something you DIDN'T know.
As always, we'll have food and drinks available thanks to Cresent Solutions and Cendyn Spaces
To get the latest and greatest news, checkout our site:     Twitter:@BocaJavaSc­ript

Check out the Photo Essay for Action, Slides  & Code !

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tech Night at the Ball Park, 23 Aug 16

4th Annual Tech Night at The Ballpark -- Day of Info Below!

Join your fellow South Florida Technology Enthusiasts for a night of Networking, Technology and Baseball, Tuesday August 23rd @ 5:30 PM - Marlins Park


Check out the PHOTO ESSAY !

Friday, August 12, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 09 August 2016

Some comments from  Group Leader, John Vighetto & Presenter, Adam Schwartz:
I want to thank everyone who came out to Adam’s Linux presentation last night, as well as the members who were online viewing the presentation. Adam is always entertaining when he presents a topic, and he didn’t disappoint last night. From the looks of the time that we ended up leaving, I guessing that everyone had a good time.

I want to thank and introduce our two newest members, Harold Girdlestone of Memory for Memory and Giovanni Fundora. Harold and Chris Schoeller (who presented to our group last year) are the primary contacts at Memory for Memory, so should you have old workstations, laptops, copiers, memory, etc. that you don’t want/need anymore, you can call these gentlemen and they will gladly pick up for you. Giovanni is currently a student, but will be entering the Navy as an Avionics specialist in the very near future. We wish him well, and thank you in advance for serving and protecting our borders.

Last but never least, I want to thank Jennifer Cohen-Louth for continuing to host our meetings. By the way, Jennifer went to bat for us last month and we now have a 50mb download for the WIFI in her office. Although this was our first time using it and we were getting different speeds last night, I’m sure that this will be resolved by next month’s meeting. Thank you as always Jen!

John Vighetto

Thanks John! Thanks Jennifer! (sorry about the overtime), Sorry to Danielle and Pedro if you missed anything. Hard to watch the chat window and present at the same time. I'll get some documentation (with a "How To" out to the group ASAP. In the meantime attached is last night's Powerpoint presentation.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Adam Schwartz
(561) 247-2569

As seen, a very active 'Hands On' meeting this evening.  Please check out the  PHOTO ESSAY.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 14 June 2016

A few words from our Group Leader and a few other attendees:
We had a great turnout of members; thanks to all of you who could make it out!

Danielle went into great detail on the social engineering part of the physical penetration test, and she had everyone amazed at how some of this is so easy to obtain. As in previous presentations, Danielle was able to keep everyone’s attention and was fielding numerous questions regarding her presentation. The final part (lock picking) was very entertaining and enjoyed by all.

Thank you once again Danielle for the awesome presentation, and thank you for offering a more in depth (or “part two”) of your presentation which will dive deeper into the social engineering realm. Looking forward to that presentation too!

As always, thank you Jennifer Cohen-Louth for hosting our meetings at Windstream Communications. I also want to thank our newest member who stopped in, Reggie Pierre, who is a student but also a OSINT seeker, and who will be assisting Danielle in her next presentation in a few months.

John Vighetto
(Group Leader)

Awesome presentation and I'm sorry for those who missed out! Danielle was awesome and having Reggie as her wing man was great. I hope he has other classes when we meet that he can skip out on. :)

Your Ultra All-Inclusive Telecom Problem Solver,

Lynne Keane
Keane Telecom Solutions, Inc.
 Thank you guys for letting me ramble on about my passion...  You guys had some terrific questions!
Since we had some 'Technical Challenges' (i'm blaming it on Windows) - we didn't get to do the fun stuff - the actual searches.  :(
We did find that Camilla is downright DANGEROUS as she took to the lock picking like she's been doing it for years..  she picked all but one lock and I think Pat (??) was the only one to finally get that one open.
Everyone did very well with the lock picking and I hope that some of you will grab your own practice set and practice on your own.

I did promise to share my link-sheet with everyone but if you guys are interested, I'd be happy to do a follow-up session via GotoMeeting - where everyone is in their respective space and I have a good connection - and I'd love to show you some of the links and some of the fun stuff!
That way you can see how some of them fit together and if you have multiple monitors (or vm) you can do your own searches...  kind of a Hands On Workshop of sorts.
Anyway...  Just a thought...

Reggie and I look forward to putting together the next Talk where we can pop some real boxes and show a couple of live exploits.

Thank you all for your time... AND YOUR PATIENCE - and your Enthusiasm!!!
As usual, the MAM was a lot of fun as well!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Danielle Major
Human Hacker (in training)
Sport-Pick Enthusiast
Danielle, you did great! Thanks a bunch, Kip

It was a very enlightening presentation and who knew I had mad skills????? We couldn't have experienced the lock picking in an online meeting - so thank you, Danielle for making the long trek! And Reggie, too! I got in trouble for being so late, I guess I am becoming quite the hooligan ! Or maybe using an archaic word for it proves otherwise.....
Thanks all!!!

Camilla WorbyCamilla's Computer Solutions
A few more details, check out the Photo Essay to see what you missed!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 08 June 2016

Event Hosted by & Located at:

Octagon Technology Staffing @Axis.Riverhouse building on 333 Las Olas Way, Suite CU3, in the Axis Space

If you haven’t heard by now, Microsoft Hololens is a device that let’s you see holograms. This is an industry game changer. Come see what the device is, and learn how you develop with it using Unity and .Net. Also learn about what the device can do for you and your business. 

This was an extremely productive and inter-active event with all participants.  Kudos to all of the Event Staff, introduced on the first page of the Photo Essay, link below.

So, how did everything fly with this event?  Check the PHOTO ESSAY to see more.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 10 May 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group
Meeting at and sponsored by:
7121 Fairway Drive, Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

10 May 2016

A word from our group leader:

Last night’s meeting was a very productive one to say the least! Many thanks to Hersel Guerra of Windstream Communications and Dan LaMay of Rukus for the great presentation. Finding out that the Rukus product line is priced aggressively and directly competes with the other well-known wireless access devices currently on the market make this product something to review, test, and most likely, use and recommend to your clients. Finding out about their latest innovations and the technology behind it all was extremely informative. Thank you once again!

Also, many thanks to Jennifer of Windstream for hosting the meeting as well as providing dinner and refreshments to all that attended!

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.

Please check out the Photo Essay

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group Meeting at and sponsored by: Windstream 7121 Fairway Drive, Suite 101 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418 12 April 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group
Meeting at and sponsored by:
7121 Fairway Drive, Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

12 April 2016
Comments from our group coordinator, John Vighetto:
Thanking everyone who joined us (both locally and remotely) for last’s night’s meeting. Natan explained his MSP product in a very detailed and organized fashion, which had everyone asking questions at the end of the presentation for almost 30 minutes. Ninja MSP looks like an up and coming product to definitely keep an eye on to see how it develops and competes with today’s current MSP services.

I will provide the people who registered the links for the discounted Ninja services, as well as the Ninja MSP community link where members can view what’s currently being worked on and what will be in their product release pipeline in the near future.

Thank you as always Jennifer, for providing us with a location to have our monthly meetings!

For anyone else who wishes to review Ninja MSP, please go to

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.

A very informative evening generating a lot of discussion.  Please see the PHOTO ESSAY for Screen Shots.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, mtg 08 March 2016

First, Comments from the Group Leader:
I want to thank everyone that joined us, whether onsite or remotely, this evening. Ryan of Datto, along with Dean (tech engineer at Datto) demonstrated the wide variety of appliances that work for most, if not all, of our clients. They went into a very brief but concise demonstration how you can quickly and easily spin up a remotely virtualized backup and connect to it with very little effort. Pricing models were also discussed in detail. Once again, thank you both Ryan and Dean for your presentation!

Thank you also for Jennifer for always hosting our meetings at her Windstream Communications office space. Can't thank you enough for all that you do!

One final thanks to the Datto organization for supplying the user group's dinner this evening from CR Chicks. Everyone seemed to like this venue for dinner! 

For anyone wishing to contact Ryan directly, let me know and I will post his information to the group.

John Vighetto
And from Participants:

Awesome presentation tonight and thanks to John for putting it together. John cares enough about this group to keep it going long past what should be his tenure. Please support him in keeping it going with your attendance and input into what you'd like to see/discuss in future meetings. We don't want to burn him out and have this group go the way other ones have in South Florida.

I believe I'm correct in stating as John has (as well as Chuck and others), that this is a collective group that collaborates and even though there's a concept of competition, there's plenty of business to go around. If you agree, please post it so we know this group is worth John's effort and others pitch in with topics and speakers within our group and suggest outside vendors.

Your Ultra All-Inclusive Telecom Problem Solver,

Lynne Keane
Keane Telecom Solutions, Inc.
And for those of you that were there, here are a few screen shots to jog your memory:  PHOTO ESSAY

Sunday, February 21, 2016

South Florida Code Camp 20 Feb 2016

Welcome to South Florida Code Camp 2016
Event Date: February 20, 2016 7:30 am - 5:45 pm


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 09 Feb 16

A word from group spokesperson, John Vighetto:

Good morning and Happy Hump Day!

For all that attended last night's presentation by Adam, I'm sure that you were all saying the same thing: do we really have to leave now?

Adam not only briefly recapped what he went over in his first presentation, but added additional information of how you should be learning some version of Linux right now. He was generous enough to format and prepare numerous flash drives for everyone to boot from so that they could see first hand how simple and practical Linux really is.

Thanks Adam for a fantastic presentation, and I know I will be reviewing Linux more carefully now because of your presentation. 

Also, thank you Jennifer, for allowing our user group to keep having our meetings at Windstream Communications!

Look for Dave Lord's posting on his blog for pictures and additional information about last night's presentation.

John Vighetto"
Thanks Adam for the presentation, also to John and Jennifer to made it happens.

I have to accept that I was so overwhelm of ideas after the meeting, that in my opinion (perhaps a suggestion) we may need a part II to go in detail about desktop and server setup, for which I know there are some good resources online but I’m sure Adam’s experience can bring some good ideas and tricks to it.

Thanks again,

Ratzil Rodriguez |
Ratzil / Everyone,
I was thinking the same thing. I had to give a lot of background info last night just to get us all up to speed. We ran out of time for some practical examples.
I'll be happy to do another Linux night and dive straight in. I'll send out some practical examples and John can post them somewhere.
I know I'm not the only Linux user in the group (Dave Lord, Pat Patterson, Robert Oliva, anybody else?)
Although Linux is mainly used for Servers, there are millions of people using Desktop distros, some good ones are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora
(more here
I've been using Ubuntu as my daily desktop for years. It seems like the only time I use Windows is when I'm fixing someone else's machine, LOL.

Boot off your flash drive, play around and get comfortable with the way Linux does things. You can run Ubuntu Live or install it on an old "craptop" replacing Windows.
(I find that when you dual boot, you never break free from Microsoft's grip)
A great resource is the Ubuntu Forums and of course use Google.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Adam Schwartz
This was a really very active meeting, with everyone looking for more follow up in this area.  You may not   think that there is a lot of action from the pictures, but let me tell you, those CPUs were burning up and no one cried over the spilt beer at the MAM !  Check out the PHOTO ESSAY .

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 19 January 2016

IoT with Raspberry Pi, Windows 10, Cortana Analytics Suite and Power BI By Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director Joe is doing a Hands-on session showing how to setup a Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 and then capture sensor data to Cortana Analytics and Power BI. He will walk you through deploying a Universal Windows App to the Raspberry Pi that will capture sensor data and send that data to a Cortana Analytics Event Hub. Cortana Stream Analytics then picks up that sensor data from the Event Hub and delivers it to a real time Power BI Dashboard. Come join Joe for an informative and fun session. Please see PHOTO ESSAY HERE!
Thanks to our two sponsors this month!

Aspose - Your File Format APIs : web link

Consultis Technology: web link

Speakers: Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director

Location: boca-cendyn Directions

Friday, January 15, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group meeting, 12 Jan 16

Comments from our group leader,

I would like to thank everyone that joined us last night (both physically and via GoToMeeting) which voiced their opinions and provided much needed information as to what types of future presentations you would like to see.

We now have a list and if there's anyone that wishes to add and/or suggest additional vendors, technologies, etc., please either do so here or send me a private email; whichever you feel more comfortable doing. Would definitely like to hear from the other people in the group, so please don't be shy.

John Vighetto
Added from Adam,
Thanks John,
I wanted to attend in person but got delayed until after 7pm so I called in :-)
Phone was bit muffled so I didn't catch every word but it looks like you've got a good list of topics for the new year.
Whenever you guys want to do another Linux night, let me know.
I'll burn some Ubuntu disks so everyone can boot up and play along.
Adam Schwartz
Click here for the Photo Essay and the complete list.