Thursday, January 21, 2016

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 19 January 2016

IoT with Raspberry Pi, Windows 10, Cortana Analytics Suite and Power BI By Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director Joe is doing a Hands-on session showing how to setup a Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 and then capture sensor data to Cortana Analytics and Power BI. He will walk you through deploying a Universal Windows App to the Raspberry Pi that will capture sensor data and send that data to a Cortana Analytics Event Hub. Cortana Stream Analytics then picks up that sensor data from the Event Hub and delivers it to a real time Power BI Dashboard. Come join Joe for an informative and fun session. Please see PHOTO ESSAY HERE!
Thanks to our two sponsors this month!

Aspose - Your File Format APIs : web link

Consultis Technology: web link

Speakers: Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director

Location: boca-cendyn Directions

Friday, January 15, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group meeting, 12 Jan 16

Comments from our group leader,

I would like to thank everyone that joined us last night (both physically and via GoToMeeting) which voiced their opinions and provided much needed information as to what types of future presentations you would like to see.

We now have a list and if there's anyone that wishes to add and/or suggest additional vendors, technologies, etc., please either do so here or send me a private email; whichever you feel more comfortable doing. Would definitely like to hear from the other people in the group, so please don't be shy.

John Vighetto
Added from Adam,
Thanks John,
I wanted to attend in person but got delayed until after 7pm so I called in :-)
Phone was bit muffled so I didn't catch every word but it looks like you've got a good list of topics for the new year.
Whenever you guys want to do another Linux night, let me know.
I'll burn some Ubuntu disks so everyone can boot up and play along.
Adam Schwartz
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