Thursday, December 15, 2016

Palm Beach IT Users Group, Annual Winter Holiday Party, 13 Dec 16.

Palm Beach IT Professionals Annual Christmas Party, 13 December, 2016.

Opening words from our Group Moderator, John Vighetto:

For the benefit of everyone that did not show last night, I letting you know (officially, unofficially, etc.) that I’m stepping down as the group moderator for the group. I think it’s time that someone else steps up to provide the members with fresh new ideas, presenters, etc. Therefore, I will help whomever decides to charge for the next 60 days. My last day as group moderator will be March 1, 2017.

I want to thank everyone for putting up with me and my antics all these years as well as support the group and it’s endeavors. I’m excited to see who will rise to the challenge and look forward to keeping the group growing!
And, further comments from group members:

Danielle Major :  John,

My deepest gratitude for all that you've done for us over the years.  You've been a great Forum Master and you've gone above and beyond for this group.
I understand that you've got to close this chapter and move onto another - we all do.... but the fun thing is that we get to write our own ending!!!
I look forward to working with you on other projects - so go enjoy your family and your hobbies!! 
Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!!!!

2nd Danielle’s reply!


Todd Trahan
SERT Data Recovery


KIPBARKLEY via Florida IT Professionals

Dear John:
You have done great. Thank you for all your good work.
John, job well done.   You have nurtured the group and we have all benefited.
Thanks again.

Pat Patterson
Echoing the sentiments from all the others, you have carried the torch with class, enthusiasm, and no small amount of humor and wit.  You’re definitely leaving some big shoes to be filled.  May you be blessed as you have truly blessed us all.

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Russell Hopkinson    RH Technology Solutions, Inc.
John, Thank you for your excellent Leadership as Moderator of the Group. You've certainly left some big shoes to fill.  Thank you for all of it.
Dave Lord.
And at long last, the Christmas Party photo's !

David B. Moadab | Solutions Squad


Thank you for this group, and all your efforts.

Ratzil Rodriguez via 

Thank you for the commitment with the group and the leadership. You had done an extraordinary work!
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As a new member, you helped me get involved quickly. I love the presentations and the information contained within the group. Thank you!

Harold Girdlestone 

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Thanks for everything John! 
A well deserved "retirement".

Adam Schwartz

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In addition to everything that is accurately being said by others, I have to thank you for caring about the "far" ones like me and for the support and advice you provided to me. 

Pedro Hermida

Bret A. Bennett via 

Job well done John. Thanks for steering the boat for so many years.

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