Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 17 March 2015

Deerfield Beach Coders Cafe - 2015-03-17 6:30 PM - Whats New in ASP .net 5 - Cecil Phillip

ASP.NET 5 has been called one of the most substantial updates to the framework since moving from classic ASP. In this session we’ll look at some of the updates and new concepts added to improve the developer experience. We’ll also discuss what this new release means for your existing investments in ASP.NET. Along the way, we’ll cover topics like MVC6, CoreCLR, NuGet and the new dependency injection system.

Cecil Phillip, originally from St. John's, Antigua, is a Software Developer residing in South Florida with many years of experience building applications on the .NET Framework. You can often find him hanging out with other members of the dotNet Miami User Group or speaking at various developer events within the state. Currently, he specializes in building solutions utilizing C#, ASP.NET, Xamarin, NodeJS and Azure. He has a passion for software architecture, interoperability, and testing. You can follow Cecil on Twitter via @cecilphillip. 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 10 March 2015

Comments from the Group:
Well, for those of you who did not attend last night’s meeting, you missed a great presentation! Danielle, as always, presented the ZOHO CRM package like no other! Not only is this product easy to use (and configure), but it’s rich in features that you would have to spend a fortune on with one of its competitors like Autotask or Connectwise. For more info, please contact Danielle directly by visiting her website at Do yourself the favor of starting to use this product with Danielle’s assistance, or have her migrate you off one of the other competing products and not only save money, by time and stress as well. Thank you Danielle for showcasing this for us!

I would like to also thank our host, Jennifer Cohen-Louth of Windstream Communications, for continuing to allow our group to have our meetings at her office. Thanks Jennifer!

Not only did we have a surprise visit from our user group founder, Dave O’Keefe, but he also was bearing gifts (actually, it was a huge birthday cake). Thanks for the cake Dave; it was really delicious and always great to see you!

Last, but not least, I want to thank Dave Lord for being our user group “paparazzi” or (media mogul) who constantly posts not only our meeting presentation, but the pictures on his blog as well.

Ok, now that the sugar rush from the cake is finally wearing off, I realized that I forgot to ask the people who attend last night what other type of food they would like for dinner instead of Panera’s. Please post some suggestions here so that I can mix it up for next month’s meeting. Please note: if you were not at the meeting, you can’t suggest a different choice for dinner.

With that, I would finally like to thank everyone who made the effort and showed up for Danielle’s presentation. I’m sure that no one left without learning something new.

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.

Danielle had great presentation last night.    I looked at your website this morning, ..... but you probably already know that.    Group.....she has some serious tracking via the zoho apps!!!
Thanks, I learned alot.   Now to find time to put that into practice....
Pat Patterson
Corporate Workflow Solutions  


10:25 AM (6 hours ago)

to flait
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone that came out ... and even those that wanted but couldn't!
I appreciate being able to talk about and share my passion for CRM and Zoho...  I am a true Zoholic!
Thank you to Jenn for hosting the meeting and John for putting it together.  Dave, you are soooooo appreciated with the writeups and blog postings!
Feel free to reach out to me for additional information on the CRM, Helpdesk/zSupport/Ticket System, zProjects, zDocs, zMail, zBooks, zStalker ( :)  ) or any of the other Zoho products!  I am thrilled to spread my enthusiasm!!
additional info:  itDuzzit has an integration for Autotask and zoho crm:
there are some third party integrators for zoho crm and quickbooks online as well - not really for the desktop edition.

Danielle Major

Thanks to John and Jen for making these meetings happen and Danielle for the valuable information. I took lots of notes and look forward to implementing them. The MAM was great too as the Zoho discussion continued as well as other pc and non-pc topics as well to liven things up even more.

Happy belated birthday to John and Danielle!

Your Ultra All-Inclusive Telecom Problem Solver,

Lynne Keane
Keane Telecom Solutions
(561) 531-0136
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Well, It was quite an evening !  And here is the Photo Essay  !