Sunday, September 7, 2008


I was having a nice swim last night. After a while, basically some Aqua-Jogging. Then I remembered that someone had some actual Aqua-Jogging accessories on the pool stuff shelves. Naturally, it was on the top shelf. While trying to get it down, I lost my footing and fell on my face (right into the kitty-litter box. (Which, thankfully, had just been cleaned.)).

Adding insult to injury, I managed to 'pop' my shoulder on the way down. Another trip to the ER. (We've just got to stop meeting like this.....).

Kudo's to Dr. Vidal & Nurse Ivan. It was about two hours of excruciating Agony getting Xrayed & 'prepped'. Finally, I became aware of my surroundings, not knowing that I had been 'elsewhere'. And my arm was back in my shoulder socket. There was a bit of tenderness, but the major pain was gone. I was back home four hours after it happened.

Ah, yes... this is definately a ' Don't try this at home (or on a production-machine)' issue.

I'm still strapped up with a shoulder harness, but I seem to be able to use the computer ok.

Here's hoping that you have a better day than I. ;-)

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