Friday, July 6, 2012

Word Press MeetUp, Duncan Donuts, Davie Fl, 5 Jul 12

South Florida WordPress Meetup Group  Meeting at Duncan Donuts in Davie, Fl, 06:30 pm, 5 Jul 12.  A great meetup with lots of useful info.  First a reminder and instructions on how to apply the latest security upgrades to your WordPress site.  This is important - don't skip it!
2nd, the evenings main theme, application of the Facebook plugin on your site.  This is an important aspect of delivering more traffic to your site.  Touched on was the management of the plugin results, once enabled.  Hopefully, we'll get more feedback in this area as time goes on. 
In all a very worth the time experience.  Please check out photo essay and a few screen shots HERE .

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