Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PBIT Meeting, 12 Feb 13

This month's presentation was about Exotic Signs and how to use wraps to enhance your marketing image.  Check out the 'wrapped' products in thee picture above.

Danielle Major had a front-row seat at this presentation.  These were her spontaneous remarks:

I also wanted to say that I was blown away by the presentation... The vast array of items that got private labelled was impressive.  The artwork was equally impressive and the quality was beyond expectations.
It was really nice to have a tactile presentation for a change.  Thank you both for taking the time and effort to bring all of those items in for us to pass around... you must have been cringing when you saw John walk in with Wings!!
Lynne, thank you for putting up with us and staying late to give us a place to congregate and plan our world domination.
John, as always, thank you for coordinating everything and being the Ringmaster.

And Eyas and Paul Jordan...  a great big huge thank you for your time and efforts...  very impressive, gentlemen!

Have a fabulous Wednesday and hope to see everyone next month!

Danielle Major
Ki Consultants
Check out the pictures HERE.

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