Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Palm Beach IT Users Group (PBIT) meeting, 14 May 13

This months' presentation was by Max Trinidad, MVP / Powershell Guru, on Powershell.  Comments from our (PBIT) group leader included:
"On behalf of the Palm Beach IT users group, I would like to thank Max Trinidad for his great presentation last night. Max's passion for working with PowerShell definitely showed, and I'm pretty sure that the people that were there last night have not only a better understanding of the possibilities with PowerShell, but were also convinced to explore the possibilities of using PowerShell within their own environment (as well as their client's offices). 

I'd also like to thank Max for the great giveaways that were handed out. Congratulations to all the winners!

Max mentioned to me that he would like to visit our group in the near future. So, if you have a particular topic, or topics, that you would like for Max to review, please let me know and we can schedule Max to stop in. Once again, thank you Max for a great presentation!

It was great to see some new faces/members, as well as some members that have not been to a meeting for a few months.

Next month we will will have one of our very own, Alan Crowetz, presenting on Continuum (formerly known as Zenith Infotech) and how you can use this product to grow your current IT business.

Last, but never least, I'd like to thank Lynne for continuing to provide us with our meeting space within the Windstream offices. Please remember to provide Lynne with any leads that you may have so that we can try to assist her with her goals.

Finally (and you thought this email was long enough!), our MAM (Meeting After the Meeting) was entertaining and informative.

See everyone next month!"

 As you will see, Max is an extremely animated and talented Presenter.  Catch the Slides and action shots in the PHOTO ESSAY.  

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