Friday, June 5, 2015

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 04 June 2015

Coders Cafe Special - 06/04/2015 - Cendyn Spaces, Boca Raton - 6:30 PM - Rock’in with Russ! How We Built the Jethro Tull App Using Xamarin Forms - Russ Fustino

Join Microsoft MVP and Raygun Community Evangelist Russ Fustino in this hot off the metal session as he shares insights into the trials, tribulations and joy of building the Endorsed Jethro Tull App. Share the excitement as Russ “tells all” about creating his Jethro Tull app. The app is now published for Android and iOS, Windows Store and Windows Phone. How did he do it? Is Xamarin Forms the real deal? See how he used Raygun during the development cycle to help debug errors and some weird bugs for the Xamarin Forms Endorsed Jethro Tull app.

Russ Fustino is a Microsoft MVP and Raygun Community Evangelist. He is a well known speaker and developer world wide and especially in Florida.

Cendyn Spaces in Boca Raton, FL on Federal Hwy south of Glades. Sponsored by and Gravity IT Resources

 This was the Plan for the June 4th meeting.  How did it go?  Check out the PHOTO ESSAY and see for yourself !  (IMHO, really great new venue and facilities ! )

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