Friday, May 11, 2012

SFTN Mtg, Microsoft Ft. Lauderdale Hq, 10 May 12

It's been since last July since I've been able to do the SFTN group.  Back then they were still at the TUA in Coconut Creek.  The group now meets at the Ft. Lauderdale Microsoft Hq. bldg.  It co-meets with the IAMCP.  This month's meeting was presented by Jon Sastre, head of the local IAMCP group.  We had a lot of hard content on transitioning our 'Office' and other product lines to an 'Office 365' / Cloud format.  This is a very different ball game and it's very important that we learn the new rules.  Jon proved to be very knowledgeable  and an excellent speaker in this area.  Thank you also for the abundant refreshments, before and after the presentation.   See photo's and a few screen shots by clicking HERE.

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