Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  Surfs Up !
 The following description of tonight's presentation from the FlaDotNet newsletter:

'How do you handle growing number of sql transactions? I will be going over scaling the database layer: scaling-out vs. scaling-up. In the next segment I will present the out-of-the box scale-out solution for SQL Azure: Federations. Together we will go over the concept of Federations in SQL Azure, Management of Federations. This segment will contain demos showcasing how to create and manage federations using the Azure Portal. I will conclude with comparison of Azure Federations with other technologies for building multi-tenant database solutions.


Alex Koval is a CEO and President of Codemasters International, a premier provider of Software Development services.

Being a technical leader for many years, Alex pursued his dream of assembling a team of talented software professionals he met over the years. He started Codemasters International LLC ( in 2008 applying his best knowledge of technical leadership, team building, as well as industry best practices. The company offers quality software consulting services for Small and Medium businesses at affordable rates. Today Codemasters International is a global company of 30+ employees with offices in US, Russia, and Ukraine.

Alex Koval is happily married to his wife Anna. In his free time he enjoys family, friends, sports, and travel . Alex gives back to the community by organizing the meetings for the TulaDev.NET user group ( as well as being a speaker for Florida User groups and Code Camps.'

Click HERE for the pictures of this event and slide shots. 

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