Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coders Cafe - Caffeine Spaces, Boca Raton - 11/05/2013

Here was the invitation:
6:30 PM - Mobile Games with Gamemaker - James Quick - Microsoft Technical Evangelist

In this meeting we will work on designing, coding, publishing and marketing games for Windows and Windows Phone. Rapid Game Development engines allow you to leave Game Mechanics behind and focus on 'playability' aspects. During these sessions we will explore casual mobile game development using a game frameworks, GameMaker. BRING YOUR LAPTOPS - THIS WILL BE HANDS ON!!

James will have a holiday themed (Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Christmas) contest or drawing for a Dell Venue Windows 8 Pro tablet. The plan is to do a drawing for the tablet for every 10 apps that gets published because of the Gamemaker workshop. That means 10 apps gets 1 tablet, 20 gets 2 and so on. May have an additional prize for best Holiday App. He asked me to spread the word about this so everyone will show up ready to work on their app. There might some change the rewards if required.

James Quick is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist working in South Florida to help developers with the latest Microsoft technologies. 

Yes, and that's what happened !  James gave us an introduction to the Game Maker interface while we all downloaded and installed it.

From there, we all walked through the construction of a actual playable game!  Lotsa Fun !

Check out the Photo Essay with a few screen shots HERE .

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