Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe 02 September 2014

Here is the bulletin for this event:
Bring your Windows 7/8/8.1 laptop to the next Coders Café and David Cobb will walk us through getting started with PowerShell.

We will get hands on with PowerShell and cover:

  • The basics of PowerShell syntax
  • The three commands that unlock all of PowerShell!
  • Amazingly useful cmdlets and scripts
  • Leveraging the.Net Framework
  • Where to go from here
This will be an interactive session, we should all walk away with some practical powershell skills. Demo scripts will be available online on OneDrive and a free USB key!

Technical Note: Windows 7 has PowerShell version 2 by default, but you can upgrade to PowerShell version 3 with the Windows Management Framework 3.0. This is recommended, but not required to learn and participate in the session, though some features and scripts may not be compatible with version 2.


David Cobb is a System Engineer for CheckAlt Payment Solutions, providers of automated and electronic check transaction processing since 2005. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, training people on SQL Server since 2002. David is also the principal consultant for Cobb Information Technologies, Inc, founded in 1996, providing technology consulting with a focus on SQL Server.
Coders Cafe - Deerfield Beach - 09-02-2014 - Hands on PowerShell - David Cobb

BRING YOUR LAPTOPS!! We are planning on having an interactive session where you will be able dive into powershell and try it for yourself!

If you are running windows 8 you already have Powershell 3. If you are on Window 7 and want to upgrade to Powershell 3 you will need to download the Windows Management Framework 3.0: This video goes through the upgrade process.

This was a greaat event experience.  Dave (Cobb) took us through loading Powershell and then running it in ISA / Administrator mode.  The basic functions and procedures followed.  Really a great way to get off the ground or smooth off some of the rough spots.

Check out the Photo Essay Here.