Sunday, September 14, 2014

Palm Beach IT Users Group, 09 Sep 14

Comments from the PBIT group organizer:
I want to thank Alex Raskin from Adtran for his informative and also entertaining presentation. There were parts of his wifi presentation that I was not aware that I should be doing, and his talk regarding their new line of routers and switches kept people asking questions.

Thank you Alex for dinner from Paneras, and let's not forgot Jennifer from Windstream for hosting our meetings.

Thanks to all that showed up, and I promise that the link for the webcast will go up sooner than what it did last night for the members who would like to view this online.

John Vighetto
Thanks Alex  for an excellent presentation, I was unaware of Adtran latest technology and products until last night.

Thanks John for the dedication to the group and Jennifer for the support!

Ratzil Rodriguez
I agree with thanks to Alex, John and Jen!

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Lynne Keane
SB Atlantic Communications
Yes, the Adtran wifi and switch information update was valuable.  Alex was knowledgeable and a very good presenter also.
Thanks to John and Jennifer.
Pat Patterson
Corporate Workflow Solutions 
Very interesting information! Impressed with wifi solutions that are now available.
The MAM was fun too!!

Thank you,
Robert Oliva
Information Technology Network Administration Program Coordinator
Southeastern College
Thank you to everyone that attended!
Jennifer Cohen-Louth
Senior Account Executive - Business Sales | Windstream
o: 561.684-3853| m: 561.236-5400 | f: 330.486-3765    
I felt that the enthusiastic feed back above expressed the tone of the presentation much better than I could, Thanks for a great evening, Alex!  Everyone, check out the photo essay, HERE.

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